Welcome to Callysto

Callysto is a free, multimodal learning program for grades 5-12 students in Canada. The program is part of a two-year pilot project by Cybera and the Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences (PIMS), who received funding from the federal government’s CanCode program to build and employ new technologies that promote digital literacy and help Canada’s youth develop the foundational skills required to become the future drivers of innovation.

Callysto integrates research and analytics capabilities, along with other computing functions, such as coding, interactive graphics, multimedia, and digital math functions to foster students’ computational and design thinking skills. The online tool’s interactive learning modules are available in an array of subjects – from math to history – and have been developed to align with curriculum.

What can students do with Callysto?

  • Create, modify and share modules, assignments and reports through a single platform

  • Connect to relevant open data sources to develop their analytical and intrinsic inquiry skills

  • Differentiate their learning and present their findings through a variety of media, including video, infographics and audio recordings

  • Play with live programming code

  • Experiment with interactive graphics

  • Gain experience in a university-level learning platform

  • Much more

Program benefits for teachers

  • Free technology, training and support

  • Provides an evergreen tool that promotes design thinking and stimulates students’ curiosity

  • Streamlines data analysis, word processing, graphical tools and presentations into one platform

  • Enables differentiation in student assessment (i.e. provides for formative assessments)

  • Accessible from any web-enabled device

  • Helps develop relevant digital skills

  • Curriculum-based applications covering a variety of subject areas

  • Instant results and live feedback

  • Much more

The Callysto program provides free access to the technology, teacher training, and follow-up support. Additionally, teachers’ substitute fees can be covered by the program.